CCN is a college-based token used for buying textbooks, misc goods and crowd-funding college parties!
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$CCN 60,000,000 currently in circulation
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What is CollegeCoinNetwork?
Change the way you buy and sell on campus. Fees and transfer delays are no more!

CollegeCoinNetwork is a community-driven project with the objective of facilitating college-based transactions. Use CCN to purchase books, misc goods and crowd-fund college parties! CCN operates on the XRPL and offers low transaction costs ($0.0001), instantaneous transfers (seconds) and anonymity. As we are community-oriented, there will be no Initial Coin Offering (ICO), with all coins in circulation being from FREE airdrops to CCN trustlines.


Download XUMM

Download via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Activate Wallet

Activate your XUMM account by sending 10XRP.
Add the trustline to your XUMM wallet via the above link (2 refundable XRP required).
Why Use CCN for Transacting?
Built using the XRPL’s cutting edge and industry leading sidechain feature
Transfer in
1.5K Transactions
per Second
the identity
                          0.00001 XRP
9 Years of
XRPL Uptime!
Mobile app
Subject to community support and engagement, a mobile app will be released on the App Store and Google Play.
CCN Statistics
  • Name:CCN
  • Fixed Supply:100,000,000
  • Launch Date:04/10/2021
  • Exchange:Sologenic and Bitrue
  • Pairs:CCN/XRP
  • Total Trustlines:44,000+
  • Members:2000+
Total Trustlines
Total Trustlines
Total Trustlines
Total Trustlines
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Oct 2021

CCN Trustline is established.

Oct 2021

10,000,000 CCN is airdropped to CCN trustlines.

Dec 2021

CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listing applications.

Oct 2021

Website and Roadmap release

Oct 2021

>25,000 Trustlines are established.

Nov 2021

Bitrue exchange listing (voting process).

Mar 2022

University and College partnership outreach.

  • Oct 2021CCN Trustline is established.
  • Oct 202110,000,000 CCN is airdropped to CCN trustlines.
  • Dec 2021CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listing applications.
  • Sep 2021Website and Roadmap is released
  • Oct 2021>25,000 Trustlines are established.
  • Nov 2021Bitrue exchange listing (voting process).
  • Mar 2022University and College partnership outreach.

CCN token price

Airdrop recipients

Our Team
Meet the Community Team
Anthony Luke

Finance professional with experience in project management/delivery, programming, website design and photoshop. Frequents the Discord so please come say hello!

Michael Jackson
XRP Ninja

Community manager with experience in promoting brands, creating exposure and achieving on crypto-project-deliverables.

bear tux
Ali Rocket
Head of Design

Professional NFT artist with experience in Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, graphic design, comic book illustration, game art and game assets. In charge of the NFT design team!

bear tie
Tommy Turbo
Social Media Manager

Social media manager with a passion for community engagement, graphics design and dank memes!

XBear NFTs
A collection of 2,000 original NFTs on the XRPL
XBear NFTs

Ripple Labs, founders of blockchain-based payments solution XRP, announced in Sep-21 that it would be launching a $250M creator fund for NFTs on the XRP Ledger. This proposal will see an extension launched on the XRP Ledger (XLS-20d) to enable and support a native Non-Fungible Token, alongside operations to enumerate, purchase, sell and hold such tokens.

In response to the ground breaking news, CollegeCoin has launched a one-off 2,000 collection of original XBear NFTs!

Set the Trustline

If you would like to secure ownership of an NFT, add the CNFT Trustline. 1x CNFT will be redeemable for 1x NFT once the 2,000 NFTs are minted.

We will be conducting airdrops of CNFT, though they can also be obtained via purchasing from existing HODLers on Sologenic or XRPtoolkit.

XBear NFTs will be one of the first original NFT collections ever minted on the XRPL. We expect the XRPL’s NFT function to experience huge growth given its low costs, large user base, scalability and network security.

What are the Designs?

Only 2,000 will be minted on the XRPL and each one will be a unique design. We will frequently release examples of our designs on our Twitter and Discord.

If Ripple Labs does not release NFT support, all 2,000 NFTs will be minted on an alternative blockchain. We see such a scenario as remote and very unlikely, though we want to provide our community with comfort that they will receive their NFT.


If you are interested in our community and educational driven project, we encourage you to read through the following documents to better understand our project scope, objectives and strategies.

Frequently Questions

There will be frequent giveaways and competitions on Twitter and Discord. They will take place up to multple times a week. The CollegeCoinNetwork team has allocated approximately ~400 CNFT and ~5M CCN for giveaways, airdrops and promotional activities. We are committed to growing community engagement and will deploy all our resources to make this project a huge success!

The NFTs will be minted once the XLS-20d proposal is implemented on the XRPL. This proposal introduces extensions to the XRP Ledger that would support a native non-fungible token type, along with operations to enumerate, purchase, sell and hold such tokens. Once the proposal is released and BETA tested, an amendment process will take place, requiring a consensus of XRP validators. XUMM will also support NFTs (allowing buy/sell) and have begun development.

You can sell this to another user or purchase an additional 0.5 CNFT in order to receive an NFT.

• Install XUMM wallet (Android or Apple devices)
• Deposit XRP into your XUMM wallet (10 XRP for activation and 2 XRP for each trustline).
• Add the CCN Trustline (here) and or XBear NFT Trustline (here).
• Connect your XUMM wallet on and use this platform to buy/sell.

Get in contact with us via the contact form below. Alternatively, send us a message on Twitter or Discord.

Get in Touch

    Send our friendly community-team a message and we’ll aim to get back to you within 48 hours!